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Funding for Individuals

The majority of charitable trusts and foundations are set up to support projects and they will only make payments to registered charities or other established charitable organisations. It can be difficult to find funding for individuals in need of more personal and direct support. Here are a few ideas and links:

A variety of organisations and agencies are eager to help individuals and have the experience and resources to both advise and search out available funding.

Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) have over 75 years of experience in helping people to maximise their income by accessing all the support to which they are entitled. That support is not just for people in serious debt but is literally for everyone. You can search for your local bureau through the corporate website and at the same address you can also access online tools for self-help (Advice Guide).

When looking at grant-making bodies which do make funding available to individuals don't be put off by their titles!

I have recently been talking to the Director of the Fashion and Textile Children's Trust (FTCT ) which makes grants for the support of young people (aged 0-18) where there is some family connection with the Fashion and Textile trades - BUT that required link is very wide indeed and people should really spend time reading the guidelines before dismissing the idea of an application. An employee in any area of ASDA for example might be entitled to support simply because one area of the company sells clothing, a market stall holder, a charity shop worker, a delivery driver - the list is long and a simple phone call will confirm whether or not the person is eligible to apply(03001239002). Grants are not huge but they can make a real and rapid difference in people's lives. This support is not only available for people who currently work in Fashion and Textile related trades but for former employees too - worth exploring.

Similar charitable trusts exist for employees or former employees in e.g. civil service, Nursing, Armed Forces, Education, Industry, Transport, etc. Particular companies have welfare grants available for employees and former employees and there are also community associations/organisations which give grants based on an individual's need in their particular geographical region/ town/ borough.

Don't forget to think about Faith groups/organisations too as there is often a channel for support there.

Printed and online directories of grant making bodies which support individuals are widely available through local charities, VSCs, local authorities, libraries and of course many CAB.

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