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You can book consultancy time now


If you just want to talk through a problem or have us do some research for you, we are available to  work on the phone or by email with no hidden costs. 


Email  or call me on 07802 431012 to discuss/book the time you might need.


With all contracts you can spread the time bought over a period of up to two months.  If you choose to hold some in reserve, you will know that you have a supportive friend available to work with you as and when required.


One-hour of initial consultancy work costs just £30  and is useful for exploration of issues or prompt solutions to specific issues.  This can incude reviewing your documents or bids, research and feedback in the form of short reports, or brief system appraisal. 


For longer pieces of work different costs apply ( 2hours = £60 : 4 hours = £110 : 8 Hours = £200) Please note that these prices are only for distance support  (i.e. by phone or email) and all time bought must be used within two months of booking.


Work involving meetings or personal visits to your premises will be costed separately after discussion. (See 'Services and Costs' page)




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