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Examples of some recent projects:


During my career, I have planned and implemented major campaigns for project development , project delivery, core costs, and capital funding. 

I have secured millions of pounds from: Trusts and Foundations; Government departments and other statutory agencies; European funds; Lottery; Corporates; and HNW individuals.  I have also managed Community fundraising appeals and Challenge events.


I specialise in integrating a variety of appropriate fundraising streams into a strategic organisational plan, so that the charity can achieve long-term and sustainable income to maintain growth and development, and successfully serve the needs of its beneficiaries.                (Paul Baird)    



Trusts and Foundations

£450,000 allowed four partner charities to employ the specialist staff they needed to set up and develop a new area of service delivery over three years.  By the end of that time they will have the systems in place to expand that service and the evidence of impact to secure additional funding for the future.




£100,000 enabled the appointment of a new policy officer whose work over two years provided the evidence of local need and established a community network to deliver the project which would impact on that.  Before the end of the contract, the new network had all the material in place to convince funders that a further investment would bring real benefits to a community facing multiple issues with potential for long-term changes being achieved. The ongoing project was launched seamlessly and so local interest and energy was maintained and excellent results will be achieved. 




£25,000 development grant enabled a voluntary community group to carry out a feasibility study and gather evidence about gaps in local provision. Building on that work they were able to establish themselves as a charity and are now serving the needs of their local communities very effectively. Further funding has been secured because, through the consistent monitoring,  evaluation and reporting systems which we established, they can evidence the high impact of their work..






Statutory funding and BIG Lottery

£1,500,000 consistent funding over eight years (secured through 3 consecutive bids) allowed a charity not only to build up its specialist service provision for clients experiencing real difficulties with HMRC products, but also to develop a lively and proactive relationship with the department, feeding back to them the many and varied issues which changes to systems and regulations caused for those people.


£250,000 enabled a charity to work with the DCLG to develop an awareness-raising campaign in 56 geographical areas identified as hot spots for a particular issue in which the department had a real concern. Together they identified a network of partners to deliver local activities, and supported that with a national media campaign.



£9,000 from Awards for All was enough to allow an arts charity to enable disadvantaged young people to engage freely in musical activities.  A team of volunteers (local players and instrumental teachers who knew the value of creative expression for these children) joined forces to ensure that young people enjoyed a stimulating series of activities and also had performance opportunities which benefited the whole community.


£298,000 from Reaching Communities enable a new pilot which is dramatically changing the way a charity overcomes the barriers faced by profoundly Deaf people when trying to access services across all three sectors. 

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