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Effective Fundraising teamwork

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Your fundraising need

Are you just starting to plan your Fundraising Strategy? Are you beginning to develop individual action plans for income generation?


Do you have a project, and need to research and identify potential funders and submit bids NOW? 

Planning for the future, do you want to build longer-term sustainable income to support new growth and development?  


Is your predicted income sufficient to sustain all the services you aim to deliver during the life of your current business plan? 

Let's talk it through


Your Team

Are you fighting a lone battle? Do you need help thinking through the team you would like to build around you?  


What difference does it make if your fundraising team is made up of staff or volunteers?  Should they fundraise 'for', or 'on behalf of' you?


Do you have an established team and need to develop them and train them further? How do you retain control?


Do your service delivery people really understand how to brief your fundraisers so that they can make the most effective bids possible?

We can help

Our solutions

Using face-to-face, email and telephone communications, we can work with you to build strategic approaches to income generation which match your aims and help you achieve your goals.


We can deliver training to your teams or individuals and offer ongoing online support and mentoring


We can bring research tools and understanding of Trusts, coroporate and statutory funders, individuals, and community appeals to help you plan the way forward. 

You know your beneficiaries and how your work impacts on their lives and we know Fundraising, so let's work together.

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